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Macrobiotics and pressure cooking

Today I'm sharing with you some info about pressure cooking...

And my experience... When I got to know macrobiotics, many years ago... I
pressure cooked the grains... That's what all my books on macrobiotics
advised... Pressure cooking seemed to work fine for some time... But I reached
a point where I felt I needed to change... I researched it a bit and found those
links... I also experimented with both styles, pressure cooking and boiling...

Today I no longer pressure cook anything... Boiling works better for me now...
They have very different energies... Boiling brings a more calmed, yin energy...
Pressure cooking energy is bolder, more aggressive... Boiling is less stimulating
to the immune system and that's what I think I need...

I've also noticed what the first link talked about rupturing... With pressure
cooking, the grains are ruptured... With boiling are not... They become softer
and retain more water... ;)

What about you? Do you pressure cook? Or boil? What have you learnt from your
masters? I'm curious cause I feel most macro teachers seem to prefer pressure

Anyway... Hope this info be useful to you... I'm also happy to discuss macro
stuff with you... :)

Have a nice, beautiful day... Warmest hugs... :)-----An

I went back to pressure cooking recently.
I do not notice any difference in my energy - but I am sure there is a difference in the amount of energy from fossil fuel that I use for cooking - and that is good for the planet... (in my case I use gas, but it would be the same for electricity, unless self sufficient and totally renewable...)
I feel much more at ease knowing that when I use a pressure cooker for beans and pulses I don't use gas for 3 hours but only for 30 minutes... and with all the chickpeas I eat I am sure that makes quite a difference for the planet!
Enjoy your day, it has been lovely and sunny here East of the Atlantic :)