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Good news from Germany and London

Hello all, I subscribe to the magazine “The Intelligent Optimist” and receive their “Optimist Daily” collection of positive developments/happenings in the world (as daily email). It’s overwhelming to read them all, but I skim the headlines at least. Recently I found these two articles on Veganism. I was surprised that Germany, with its heavy meat culture, is so much on the forefront of this development. I have not lived in Germany for the last 50 years. But Christel, of course, is up-to-date and has informed us a lot. (Hi Christel!)
I sent Eve these links. She will post them on “our” site, but she suggested I post them here, too, for possibly easier discussion or response.
So here they are! Enjoy! Sigrid

Are Germans leading a vegan revolution?
By Meera Senthilingam, CNN

And another article on All-Vegan Grocery Stores!