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The carrageenan question

Sigrid says: I just checked out Miyoko's book "Artisan Vegan Cheeses" from the library (trying to decide whether to buy it) and looked through it carefully.
A question to you, to all: She uses carrageenan in some of her recipes (as thickener and emulsifier). I recently read that carrageenan, though made from a natural ingredient, seaweed, is detrimental to our health, causing inflammation, malignancies and other stomach problems. I read this in connection with Almond Milk and Soy Milk (non-home-made, that many of use as milk substitute) and it was strongly recommended to look for brands not using it. Dr. Weil and Prevention Magazine and many others recommend avoiding regular consumption of foods containing carrageenan. Here is a site that lists organic brands of dairy and non-dairy products with and without carageenan;

Miyoko Schinner was asked about carrageenan at last year's VegFest. She acknowledged the concern and said that each person needs to make up his/her own mind, but that the small amount called for in the cheese recipes did not concern her. She may have given an alternative ingredient that she said was not entirely satisfactory, but alas I cannot remember what it was. I have had a few e-mail exchanges with Miyoko on other topics and found her very responsive and helpful. Perhaps you could write to her directly. She's at: [email protected]
Looking at the list of carrageenan-containing products, I am not too concerned, because I myself consume very few if any of them. How many of us do?

I am using agar agar to thicken my cheese since I couldn't find any carrageenan and that works fine. betsy