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Wine in Cooking

Has your Sangha discussed the use of wine in cooking? My logic has been that, since the alcohol is coooked off, it is no longer an intoxicant and thus does not violate the Five Mindfulness Trainings. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. EvieM

I do not participate in a Sangha, but neither do I drink alcohol. Because I don't find alcohol--wine or distilled spirits--to be intoxicating when used in cooking, I add it when called for. I have read the cooking times required to remove different kinds of alcohol from food, but unfortunately cannot remember the source. Since alcohol in food doesn't produce intoxicating effects for me, I've found it safe to use for my more than 10 years of abstention from drinking. Occasionally I add small amounts of uncooked rum or brandy to a dessert recipe, with no ill effects, only flavor. The degree to which cooked alcohol affects an individual most likely varies from person to person, so everyone needs to set her or his personal level of tolerance. The fact that I do feel slight intoxication from "non-alcoholic" beer and the now-trendy kombucha, both of which are required to have alcohol content below 0.05%, makes me think that the amount of alcohol I use, combined with the effects of cooking, diminish the alcohol content of my food to below that percentage. As to using uncooked alcohol, it could be that the amounts used in proportion to the volume of the recipe result in a miniscule percentage of intoxicant. Or, it could just be psychological--that, for me, drinking alcohol and eating alcohol are two different things.