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Laura's idea about NW Earth Institute course

This sounds like a great idea. I had never heard of the organization but looked it up. Are others interested?

Laura sent this idea:
thought I'd put this out for a future suggestion for the Mindful Eating contingent......a course together? What do you think? We could meet on our own times....offer days/nights to suit our schedules....?
Referring to:
Now is your opportunity to join a Northwest Earth Institute discussion course...for FREE!
Partners for a Sustainable Washington County Community (PSWCC) has donated a set of books to the Leedy Grange in Cedar Mill making it possible for YOU to participate! Come join the Menu for the Future discussion.
Here are the details:

I am interested in taking the course. It would mean meeting 6 times at our own convenience---see the link above for details about the 6 sessions. I have taken several NWEI courses and have heard good things about this one. These discussion courses are self-directed----we get the materials, then take turns facilitating---so there is a structure but we are free to choose our own times and places.----Eve