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“Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret”---reviewed by Donna

This is a must-see documentary which provides a plethora of important information on the state of our planet. It speaks out most intelligently about the meat-based diet and all of its direly detrimental consequences on the health of our planet. The statistics on water usage, water toxicity, deforestation, methane emissions, carbon emissions, degradation of the soil and our atmosphere are shared. They are much worse than what people are being told. It is quite clear that humanity is living unsustainably. And just why are all the non-profit environmental agencies such as Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Oceana, and the myriad of Save the Rainforest agencies not telling people the number 1 cause of all the devastation? This documentary delves deeply into these questions. The viewer is never bored by the facts and the presentation, but we are stunned by the evidence that the crisis will most certainly only mount unless the information provided in the film gets told….widely.

People truly care. People want to make choices that support the environment and prevent further climate change perils and devastation. But when the truth is hidden and forbidden in some very nefarious ways by nefarious culprits, this must be stopped.

I strongly urge everyone to see this documentary so that we can all take steps to end the cover-up. And then share it with as many others as possible. There is time to make the difference. It’s time for humanity to step up to the plate….and to make thoughtful, urgent, and compassionate choices about what is on the plate!