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Brussels Sprouts in full glory...

Eve suggested I share my positive Brussels Sprouts experience. There is a
lovely pizza et al restaurant here (Kansas City) called Pizza Bella in which the pizza and
all starters are only prepared in the wood-fired stone hearth oven. The
sprouts are left whole (they were fresh ones to begin with) oiled with olive
oil, spritzed I believe with a bit of balsamic vinegar, sprinkled with nuts
and cranberries, then roasted. I'm trying to remember if there might be some
butter included, but I don't have a recipe. Incredibly tasty. And the only
Brussels Sprouts I've ever enjoyed were the ones I once grew myself. Starting
with fresh sprouts is the key, I think. ----KC Cathy

You know what's funny? I have a batch of Brussels sprouts covered with almond slices in the oven right now! With tomatoes and onion halves, coated with olive oil and garlic powder for my mindful kid when she gets off work.

Correction, as I wrote that I realized I'd forgotten to put the nuts in---this all began "cooking" in my head yesterday morning. And I looked at almond slices but decided on sunflower seeds, so the whole thing is coated with them. By the time they're roasted, oh boy.

Yesterday, standing in the WINCO bulk food section with the Brussels sprout theme in mind, I was drawn to all sorts of things from mango-chili slices to cashews. I think the next vege-victim is the delicata squashes I still have from last summer.

This is so much fun.----Joe