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Plant-based parenting event and more

Hello Mindful Cooks,

Here is an unusual kale salad for you. The kale is accompanied by beets, cashews and seeds and the dressing includes avocado, nutritional yeast and blueberries --- an unlikely combination but I can confirm it's delicious. I got to taste it at our last potluck:
Kale Salad with Avocado Goddess Dressing

Heads up --- Christel in Germany let us know about a plant based parenting summit that starts soon -- next Tuesday. It's a free 7-day online event with advice from more than 30 experts on bringing up healthy kids:

Glenn in Colorado sent a note to add to our conversation on Coumadin:
Justina has been on Xarelto, instead of Coumadin. There is no vitamin K issue with Xarelto. However Xarelto can be quite pricey without the benefit given by the company. If you have someone call 1-888-927-3586, there is a discount available to many users that brings the cost to $10/month or less. Worth checking into.

Ashwani in Illinois let us know about the Vegandale Festival in Chicago:
Hello Eve! I was today at the "vegandale" festival in Grant Park in Chicago and saw the biggest gathering of vegans I have ever seen in Chicago.... I discovered "Cado" ice cream which is made from avocado, it was delicious!

The most interesting conversation was with volunteers for the International Vegan Association, a very small group that does not solicit any donations, based on the teachings of Abolitionist Vegan, Gary Francione. We talked about the traditional animal advocacy groups and how they solicit donations and dilute their message in order to get larger donations. I grabbed a stack of starter kits and when I asked if I could buy more, they told me their group does NOT accept any money, but that if I contact them they will be happy to send as many as I need. I thought, "wow!"

If anyone wants to download this great starter kit go to and they also have a small folded pamphlet to download. ... The way I will present it to friends is to say, here's a brochure on veganism to read. However, if all you want to do is to try some recipes that are in the back, that's OK too! They are delicious and all of us could use more vegetables in our lives. That way it's nonthreatening.

Thanks, everyone ---
Happy cooking,