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A new Mindfulness Training

The Plant-Powered Earth Holders meet online once a month and begin each meeting with Phap Ho's new Mindfulness Training.It expresses so beautifully our aspiration to become more conscious of our fellow species:

Compassionate Eating: A Mindfulness Training by Thich Phap Ho

Aware of the suffering caused by human exploitation of animals for food, clothing, cosmetics, medical testing and the pet industry, I am committed to recognizing the preciousness of all life. I will learn about the situation of animals as well as establish relationship with wild and domesticated animals in order to deepen my understanding of their happiness and suffering.

I will continue to take steps to lessen my consumption of animal products and to help others to do the same, in a joyful and loving way.

I see my transition to a plant-based lifestyle as a necessary ingredient in a collective awakening and a comprehensive approach to mitigating catastrophic climate change. Cooking or serving a plant-based meal, I shall also remember the plant life that is being offered to sustain my life.