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Eve's Goodbye

Hello Mindful Cooks,

This is my last letter, and I want to start, as I always have, by giving you new recipes. The first is the Smoked Tofu and Vegetable Baguette that Ruth brought to our spring potluck:
Smoked Tofu and Vegetable Baguette

The other recipe is one I found on the internet. I had some wild rice to use up and found a very tasty way to use it. I'm about to head out and buy more mushrooms so I can make it again! It's called Nutty Wild Rice with Mushrooms:
Nutty Wild Rice with Mushrooms

Now comes the hard part: saying goodbye. I've been writing these letters for more than ten years ---- this is the 507th one. I'm so grateful to you all for being willing to receive them. I have learned so much from you! Your recipes have inspired me to keep trying new things in the kitchen. I have appreciated the abundance of good films, books, websites and news items you have sent my way. And I have been glad to have you in the conversation as we've shared the ups and downs of the plant-based path. Thanks to you, I know I'm not alone with my hopes for the future --- I need only remember that all 217 of you, in 32 states and 16 countries! -- are creating change in the kitchen, moving us in the direction of a happier world.

I have a chance, now, to see the world fresh again, through the eyes of one of life's beginners. I expect to be caring for my baby granddaughter when her mother goes back to work next month. I haven't had a baby in my life for 30 years so this will be a treat for me, but I know it will take a chunk of time. I need to let go of other things and welcome this new experience.

My Mindful Cooking letters are ending, but I'll leave the website up for now. Linda Hendrickson has been organizing our potlucks in Portland this year and Cathy Berlot has been posting the recipes (thanks, Linda and Cathy!) --- so you should be seeing new recipes appearing on our site. You might like to bookmark our home page and check back from time to time:

I will also keep the Mindful Cooking email address for awhile in case anyone wants to contact me personally. I'll be happy to hear from you --- just understand that I won't be passing messages on to the group.

Thank you all, so much, for everything!

Happy cooking,