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Cooking for One

An issue that came up at our recent potluck: those of us who live alone are not inspired to spend much time in the kitchen but would like to eat well. Any suggestions? Please send them in!

Here's one idea: bake several potatoes and keep them in the fridge. When mealtime comes, just reheat one and top it with vegan cheese, pesto, leftover bean soup or whatever.

For those singles out there, Lindsay Nixon of Happy Herbivore fame offers weekly meal plans - a week of recipes with shopping list. Many subscribers use it to cook for one. All of her meals are whole foods, plant based, no added oil and can be prepared in under thirty minutes. The full week's meals can be prepared in one day and just reheated during the week.

From "Every week we create a new 7-Day Meal Plan that starts at 1,200 calories but you can add calories as needed! All meals are laid out for the week, including snacks and desserts. Our shopping list makes getting started easy and no leftovers! Try our 1-Day Sample Meals."

I love her cookbooks and routinely make many of her recipes (I'll be making her loaded nachos for dinner tonight). Even the cookbook recipes are geared to one or two servings ready in thirty minutes or less. I have never tried the meal plans, but they get rave reviews.