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Curried Potatoes and Peppers

Sigrid brought this zesty curry to our Winter Potluck. She says:

I “remember” 2 slightly different dishes I tasted and liked at friend’s houses a long time ago. Not having the recipes, I experimented and have come up with this version. I give the list of ingredients in the order I prepare and use them in the recipe. You could definitely vary the relationship of peppers to potatoes, as well as the kind of potatoes or kind of peppers you want to use, including some hotter peppers.

Major Ingredients: 

Jay's Mondo Chili

A hearty, spicy chili for a cold day.

Major Ingredients: 

Mushroom Margarita Fajitas

Serve these citrusy-spicy fajitas with avocado, Eve's 'Cashew Sour Cream", and a side of beans for some Southern California dreamin'.

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