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Cherry Chocolate Chip Bliss Balls

Dried cherries give these cookies a special flavor. I've heard that cranberries work too.

Major Ingredients: 

Fresh Peach Tart

This delicious, fresh summer treat needs no baking!

Major Ingredients: 

Delicious Date-Nut Muffins

This recipe is so simple and yet so delicious that I want to share it!

Major Ingredients: 

Chocolate Pear Pie

This cake/dessert is a real dream and soooooo easy to make. When I read the Engine-2-recipe "Chocolate-Icebox-Pie" I immediately felt: yes, I want to do that.
But I tweaked it a little: chocolate and pears are classical companions in desserts, so I changed the fruit to pears. I hope you all enjoy.---Christel

Major Ingredients: 

Brown Rice Salad with Dates and Oranges

A rice salad with sweetness and tang from dates, oranges and scallions.

Major Ingredients: 

Prune Truffles

An unusual and very healthy treat.

Major Ingredients: 

Chocolate Reverie

The key to this dessert's success is to make it in plenty of time to refrigerate all three elements for 4 to 24 hours. The longer the chocolate and topping components chill, the firmer, easier-to-handle, and more delectable the dessert will be. Chocolate Reverie (vegan, gluten free) is made of the three recipes that follow. The filling recipe was created by Laura Theodore and the crust and topping recipes by Jennifer Cornbleet.

Major Ingredients: 

GF Crumb Crust

A tasty, gluten-free alternative to a graham cracker crust.

Major Ingredients: 

Chocolate Coconut Raw Brownies

A fudgy, nutty brownie that needs no baking!

Major Ingredients: 

Cashew Whipped Creme or Frosting

A quick and easy cashew creme that's thick and sweet enough to use wherever you want a whipped cream or frosting effect. Susan used it in this photo: Pumpkin Cheesecake with a Hint of Chocolate

Major Ingredients: 


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