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Amazing Cheese Sauce for Queso, Macaroni & Cheese, etc.

I'm still astounded by this recipe - even after making it a dozen times! This is wonderful on veggies, in casseroles, as a queso dip, on nachos, etc. You might like to add some sliced avocado chunks and/or black beans if you make it into queso. It keeps well in the fridge for a few days, and it's delicious cold.

The recipe can easily be scaled up. We usually double it.

Curandero's Coleslaw

Sarah brought this tasty coleslaw to our Spring potluck.

Major Ingredients: 

Shredded Beet, Apple and Carrot Salad

A colorful and refreshing combination of carrots, beets, and apple.

Major Ingredients: 

Curried Vegetable and Millet Chowder

A delicious new (for me) gluten-free vegan recipe to share.

Major Ingredients: 

Winter Vegetable Potpie

Comfort food for a cold winter's night. This potpie is a favorite in my family.

Major Ingredients: 
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