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Garlicky Sesame-cured Broccoli Salad

"Here is a recipe that I tried from the newspaper a couple of weeks ago. I ate it for several days and it stayed interesting."---Mary

Major Ingredients: 

Hijiki Rice Salad, aka Seaweed Salad

"It may not be for everyone, but fun to add some "exotic" tastes to the table." ---Laura

Major Ingredients: 

Quinoa Waldorf Salad

A refreshing new version of an old favorite.

Tabouli, or not tabouli? That is the question.

"This is a dish whose variations have never failed that I know of. Its ethnic background stretches from approximately Lebanon to New Orleans to the Punjab. Probably not too different from what a lot of you put together, but I use some cheater ingredients that add something. And how I make it depends on what's in season."--Joe

Pretty Yam Salad

A cool and refreshing red salad.

Major Ingredients: 


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