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Thyme & White Bean Pot Pie(s)

A hearty combination of veggies and white beans, topped with a flaky crust. "I have enjoyed this several times and always made it in a pie pan--works great! Very easy, although some people might find this more of a weekend recipe -- takes about an hour. A little decadent, but not too bad."--- Alice Ruth

Major Ingredients: 

Perfected Chickpea Salad

Jennifer brought this delicious vegan version of chicken salad to the summer 2017 potluck in Portland.

Curry "Pork" Fried Rice

I am not a fan of beets, yet this dish has them lose the taste I do not care for and makes a delicious meal. --- Glenn

Major Ingredients: 

Spinach Mushroom Risotto

Eve brought this delicious risotto to the Spring, 2017 potluck in Portland, OR.

Major Ingredients: 

Eggplant Shakshuka with Green Tahini Sauce

Tom made this delicious veganized version of a common Israeli/Middle East entree for the Spring, 2017 potluck in Portland.

Major Ingredients: 

Mom’s Morning Casserole

Steven and Bob brought this delicious casserole to the Spring, 2017 potluck in Portland.

Major Ingredients: 

OM Great Spirit Black Rice Polenta Casserole

John and Sally brought this dish to the January, 2017 Portland potluck.

Major Ingredients: 

Polenta with Greens, Roasted Tomatoes, and Lentil Walnut Crumbles

A colorful creation from Glenn and Justina -- as tasty as it is beautiful!

Major Ingredients: 

Tofu Nuggets or Cutlets

An easy way to flavor tofu to enjoy on its own or add to any recipe.

Major Ingredients: 

Herbed Holiday Tofu

You will be so amazed at this moist, low-fat, and compassionate main dish that you won’t miss the meat! Start the tofu marinating early in the day to not only infuse it with flavor, but also to fill your kitchen with a welcoming and savory aroma!

Major Ingredients: 


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