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Desserts and Sweet Treats

Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter Cups

Susan brought these delicious and seemingly decadent dark chocolate and almond butter cups to the winter potluck in Portland. Since she found the recipe on the Fitbit website, I guess we don't need to feel guilty making and eating them.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Bliss Balls

Dried cherries give these cookies a special flavor. I've heard that cranberries work too.

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Summer Fruit Gazpacho (dessert)

Susan brought this refreshing summer dessert to the Summer 2017 potluck in Portland, OR.


Fresh Peach Tart

This delicious, fresh summer treat needs no baking!

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Xocolatl (SHOCK-o-laht) Energy Balls

I brought these to the annual meeting (2017) of Thursday Night Sangha in Portland, OR

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Best Ever Cookies

Ruth brought these cookies to the Spring, 2017 potluck in Portland, OR.

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Hearty Hemp Bars

A hearty, nutritious energy bar. I like to keep a supply in the freezer and take one along when I head out for a walk.

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Coconut Cranberry Pecan Balls

A quick almond and pecan delight!

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Peanut Butter Chickpea Energy Balls

A handy, easy and nutritious snack!

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Peanut Butter Oat Quinoa Cookies

Erin brought these yummy cookies to the January, 2017 potluck in Portland.

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