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Aged Chèvre with Herbes de Provence

This dairy-free cheese comes amazingly close to the original. it's a great recipe and very rewarding to create. The recipe calls for herbes de Provence, but you could roll the molded cylinder in any number of herbs, cracked peppercorns, or even nuts.

Major Ingredients: 

Provolone Bean Cheese

"Provolone Bean Cheese is a mild, firm cheese, similar in form and texture to the Mozzarella Bean Cheese, but with a slightly different flavor. It makes a good sliced filling for sandwiches. David Gabbe's [not] Salami Cheese is similar but more highly seasoned."---Susan

Major Ingredients: 

Fromage de Brie

"This non-dairy version of the beloved French classic comes amazingly close in flavor, texture and appearance. For me, it was actually thrilling to see it take form over the four days of aging. This one is not low fat, but it is so worth trying for a special occasion."---Susan

Major Ingredients: 

Cheddar Melt

Susan says, "This is the best vegan nacho sauce I've tried. I found that it tastes better when it's still warm (or warmed after chilling), but try it in other applications where you want a cheese sauce--it has the right texture."

Mozzarella Bean Cheese

"Mozzarella Bean Cheese is a mild and firm cheese that melts somewhat. I grated it onto a pizza and it was fine, but not stretchy like the cow-based cheese."---Susan

Major Ingredients: 

Sharp Cheddar Nut Cheese

A rich-tasting hard cheese that can be sliced or melted. This recipe takes some time: the rejuvelac takes 2 days to make, and then the cheese needs 1 to 3 days of aging to develop the sharp flavor. Betsy assures us that it's worth it! That tempting loaf of bread in the photo is a rye that includes leftover sprouts from making the cheese: Rye Sprouts Bread

Nacho Cheese

A spreadable cheese with a cheddary flavor, good with crackers or on bread. I made a sandwich by spreading some on two slices of bread and putting apple slices between---yum!

Major Ingredients: 

Soy-yoghurt Cream Cheese

Here is a very easy recipe for soy-yoghurt-cream cheese. I found it in the German vegan blog " ...schlemmen ohne muh und mäh" ( "...gourmandize without muh and mäh" ). Muh and mäh are the German expressions for cows and sheep voices.

Here is the source, with a photo of another serving suggestion:

Major Ingredients: 

Cashew Ricotta Cheeze

An excellent substitute for the dairy version.

Major Ingredients: 

Raw Cashew Cheese

This wonderful cheese can be spread on crackers or used in casseroles.

Major Ingredients: 


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