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From apple muffins to rooftop gardens

To our website visitors----what follows is the most recent email sent out to those on the email list. Now we can widen the circle by sharing it with you! Please feel free to register. sign-in and join the conversation!
Hello All,
A recent visit from Margaret, and an abundance of apples falling in our yard, led me to try this Apple Walnut Spice Muffin recipe. It was a great success, dense and flavorful:
Apple Walnut Spice Muffins

Why we have this new blog...

Our Mindful Cooking project began as an email exchange. I started the idea of sharing recipes, and friends emailed recipes to me which I then forwarded to everyone. It all got easier when my son created a website for us in 2009. I continued to send an email to our growing group but now I could give a link to new recipes instead of typing them out. Along with notices about new recipes, I wrote about other food-related matters and passed on whatever ideas came to me from members of our email circle.

Look, we have a blog!

Susan had the idea, I talked with my amazing son Evan the Website Builder last night, and --poof---today we have a blog!

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