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Keeping the mindfulness in mindful cooking

I have lots to send along to you this time, but first, a warm welcome to Jana Verboom who is joining us from Leersum, The Netherlands---a new country for us. This means you are reading this email along with cooks in TEN countries: USA, Germany, Japan, Ireland, Canada, Argentina, Singapore, Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands. Good food really brings people together!

Getting to know Jana, I felt like I was looking in a mirror: she writes...

Nutribullets and the "chore" of cooking

Hello Mindful Cooks,

This week we are welcoming two new members to our email circle: Sandra D. is joining us but I don't yet know where she is! Sandra, where are you? Hannah also joining us, and she lives here in Portland. Hannah and her husband came to our recent potluck and brought that tasty Mung Bean Stew. I made the stew myself this week and it was delicious. Now it has a photo: Mung Bean Stew

Our 17th potluck

Hello Mindful Cooks,

First, a warm welcome to the newest member of our circle, Sigrid K. here in Portland, who may have been vegetarian longer than any of us----over 40 years. Can anyone top that? Sigrid came to our potluck last Sunday and brought a delicious coconut curry---alas, no recipe as she makes things up as she goes along! But she promises to write it down next time she makes it.

This was our 17th potluck-----and there were 17 of us (can this be a coincidence?) We gathered ....

Let Food Be Thy Medicine...

We have a new member of our growing circle, Kerstin in Stockholm, Sweden. Welcome, Kerstin! She is adding a new country for us. Just imagine----when any of us reads this email, we are doing so along with 113 like-minded cooks in 9 countries: Germany, Japan, USA, Ireland, Canada, Argentina, Singapore, Australia, and now Sweden. What a remarkable 5-continent potluck we are having!

Risotto Calisthenics

We have a new member joining our circle, Lynn R. here in Portland. Welcome, Lynn!

I have a recipe for you from Christel in Germany, who takes such beautiful food photos. This is her Oil-free Mustard Salad Dressing (did she get that table just to show it off?) Oil-free Mustard Salad Dressing

I heard from Kris Giovanini in Colorado this week. She is a friend of Justina and Glenn who have sent us....


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