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A grab bag of ideas

I asked and I received----here are a couple of unusual recipes for your holiday season, first from Christel in Germany:
Dear Eve, dear all,
here is a recipe for no-bake-damn good ( !!!! ) cookies from Rip Esselstyns newest cookbook "My Beef With Meat". Rip's sister Jane is the responsible for this wonderful recipe. I made these cookies several times and love them.
Happy Christmas

Three Sisters and more

We have a new member joining our circle, Manon L. She hasn't told me yet what part of the world she is in but her name sounds French to me so she may be adding a new country for us. Manon, do let us know! There are 109 of us now in 8 (possibly 9) countries.

Here are three more recipes from our November potluck in...

Happy Thanksgiving!

This will be a quick note-----I'm expecting 30 people to come for our neighborhood holiday party tonight so I'm getting a little nervous----but I wanted you to have these recipes in time for Thanksgiving. Instead of turkey, how about something Turkish? Mary H. in Ann Arbor, Michigan, discovered this...

Wish you were here

Our group is growing! We have three new cooks joining our email circle: Jolinda in California, Gitta in Sydney, Australia, and Phyllis here in Portland. Welcome to all! I hope you will send in your favorite plant-based recipes.

Last Saturday we had our Fall potluck in Portland. There were 14 of us around the table and a map on the wall with stickers for all the rest of you, scattered around the world. Thanks to Gitta, we're in 5 continents now (North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.) We had a delicious feast and wished we could....

Being vegan in Texas: the chili solution

This week's recipe comes from Texas, the heart of cattle country, where being vegan means running against the tide (or the herd?) Luckily John S. is there, changing the world one bowl of chili at a time. Here is his account:


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