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Calling for holiday recipes

Our circle is growing-----a warm welcome to Joyce Davies in Burpengary, Queensland, Australia and Anna Berkowitz in California! There are 145 of us now, ready to help each other in our exploration of plant-based cooking. Everyone----your thoughts, questions and discoveries are most welcome---do send them in.

Hello Joyful Cooks,

We have three new cooks in our circle this week: Diana Fish in Madeira Beach , Florida, found us through the Plum Village website; Bonnie McKinlay, here in Portland, is a recent Cowspiracy watcher and without a doubt Portland's most energetic climate activist; Maria-Constanza Garrido, an artist in Carrollton, Georgia, is adding a new state for us, our 23rd! She learned about us through the recent Mindfulness Bell article. Welcome Diana, Bonnie and Maria-Constanza!

Dear Mindful Cooks,

Tonight my thoughts are with Thich Nhat Hanh, (Thay), our beloved teacher, whose eloquent dharma talk in 2007 inspired our Mindful Cooking project. I know many of us are sending love and healing energy to him in his current sickness. As I write, this remarkable request has come from those closest to him in Plum Village, France :

If someone want to send healing energy to Thay please ask them to keep one day per week avoiding eating beef, pork, chicken and fish (vegetarian) per week and send the merit to offer life to Thay.

A worldwide group, a local potluck, and an article in the Bell!

Hello Joyful Cooks,

We have a new member in our email circle, Paula Profeta. Welcome, Paula! Please let us know your place on the planet so we can add your spot to our map. Maybe this is a good time to reassure all the shy ones----telling us your town, state and/or country won't allow anyone to send mail, knock on your door, or whatever. It's just fun to see where we all are, all over the Earth. There are 136 of us now, connected through this mailing list and our shared enthusiasm for good food.

A soup, a movie and a potluck

First, a warm welcome to Jan Nergard who is joining our circle and adding a new country for us----Norway! He learned of our project through my recent article in the Mindfulness Bell. He is new to plant-based cooking and hoping to find some "good and simple" ideas----a goal I know is shared by many of us. And---late-breaking news----a warm welcome also to Vinh Nguyen who is joining us from Saigon, Vietnam!


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